Dine In Menu

 Onion Bhaji    $6.00

Sliced onions dipped in lightly spiced chickpea flour batter, deep fried.

 Mix Pakoras     $6.00

Chopped vegetables dipped in a batter of special roasted ground spices & chickpea flour, and deep fried.

  Vegetable Samosa (2pcs)      $6.00

Deep fried pastry filled with flavored spicy potato & peas.

  Samosa Chaat      $9.00

Samosas garnished with kachumber, yoghurt and tamarind chutney.

  Tikki Chaat   $9.00

Deep fried spiced potato patties garnished with kachumber, yoghurt andtamarind chutney.

  Paneer Tikka –    Half $10.00      Full $19.00

Chunks of cottage cheese marinated in tandoori spices, then seared in the tandoor.

  Hara Bhara Kebab (Kohinoor Special)    $9.00

Slow fried Pattice made out of spiced potatoes, peas & spinach based.

Garlic Tikka    Half $12.00      Full $21.00

Boneless chicken cube marinated with Fresh chopped Garlic Vinegar and Garlic spices.

Chicken Tikka       Half $11.50      Full $20.00

Boneless chicken pieces marinated overnight in tandoori spices & smoke roasted in the tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken     Half $11.50      Full $20.00

Leg & breast portions marinated over night in tandoori spices and roasted in tandoor.

Seekh Kebab     Half $11.00     Full $20.00

Lightly spiced minced lamb rolled on skewers & roasted in tandoor.

Prawns Tandoori  Half $12.00     Full $22.00

Shelled prawns marinated in tandoori spices then gently cooked in tandoor.

 Vegetarian Platter    $15.00

Samosa, mix pakora, paneer tikka, onion bhaji.

  Mixed Platter    $20.00

Samosa, mix pakora, chicken tikka, seekh kebab.

  Tandoori Platter  $25.00

Portion of chicken tikka, mansoori kebab, seekh kebab, tandoori chicken.

Indo Chinese

  • Veg Manchurian Gravy/Dry      $15.00

A tasty Indo Chinese dish of fried veg ball in a spicy sweet tangy sauce. 

Chilli Paneer Gravy/Dry     $15.00

Chinese’s style paneer cooked with onion, capsicum and chilli sliced. 

 Fried Rice Veg            $14.00

Indian basmati rice cooked with mix vegetable.

 Fried Rice Chicken

Indian basmati rice cooked with Chicken.


Mains – Chicken ($17.50)

    • All curries served with rice
  • Butter Chicken

Boneless pieces of chicken, marinated, seared in the tandoor, and cooked in a mild creamy tomato sauce.

  Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless chicken pieces, marinated, seared in the tandoor, and cooked in a spicy tomato gravy 

  Mango Chicken

Cooked in mango sauce, lightly spiced.

  Chili Chicken


Mains – Chicken($17.50) or Lamb($19) or Beef($19)

    • All curries served with ric
  • Jalfrezi Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Cooked with onions and vegetables in a tomato gravy.

  Madras Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Curry prepared with coconut and classic South Indian spices.

  Saagwala Chicken / Lamb/Beef  $12.99

A Punjabi specialty – tender morsels of chicken or lamb simmered in delicately spiced creamed spinach.

  Methi Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Cook with fenugreek leaves in onion and tomato gravy.

  Vindaloo Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Cooked in a vinegar and chili sauce, this dish was brought to Goa by the Portuguese. The Goans added plentiful amounts of spice and chili.

  Kadai Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Cooked with chopped onions and green peppers in tomato gravy.

  Korma Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Cooked in cream and cashew nut paste gravy.

  Bhuna Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Pieces cooked in chef’s unique spice mix and with very little added water.

  Do Pyaza Chicken / Lamb/Beef

Cooked with onion, roasted cumin, cloves and cardamom.

  Goat Curry – Mains

Mains – Lamb($19) or Beef ($19)

    • All curries served with rice
  • Lamb Rogan Josh/Beef

Cooked in the classic Kashmiri style with tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and exotic spices.

  Lamb Dal Gosht/Beef

Cooked with red lentils, ginger and lemon with coriander.

  Lamb Badami Gosht/Beef

Cooked in creamy gravy and topped with almonds.

  Lamb Nawabi/Beef

A truly royal curry with onions, tomatoes, cream and coconut.

  Lamb Keema Matar

Cooked with green peas in a spicy sauce.

  Lamb Rara Gost

Boneless lamb cooked with lamb mince, chopped onion, ginger and garlic

Mains – Seafood ($20.50)

    • All curries served with rice
  • Bombay Fish Masala

Fish fillet cooked in spicy onion & tomato gravy, finished with lemon & black peppercorns.

  Goan Fish Curry

Fish fillets cooked in a tangy tomato & coconut gravy, finished with cream & zesty lemon.

  Butter Prawns

Prawns simmered in a tomato based butter sauce.

  Prawn Jalfrezi

Shelled prawns cooked with onion and vegetables in tomato gravy

  Prawn Malabari

Shelled prawns cooked with sautéed onions, capsicums, tomatoes & coconut milk.

  Prawn Masala

Succulent prawns cooked in spicy sauce with green peppers & sliced onions.

  Prawn Vindaloo

Cooked in a vinegar and chili sauce. This dish was brought to goa by the Portuguese. The Goans added plentifuly amounts of spice & chili.

  Samundri Khazana – Kohinoor Special

A feast for seafood lovers – scallops, baby octopus, calamari & prawns cooked in a thick tomato & coconut gravy.


Mains – Vegetarian

    • All curries served with rice
  • Masoor Dal        $13.50

Red lentils cooked with fresh herbs, ginger, garlic, spices & fresh coriander.

  Bombay Aaloo      $13.50

Potatoes cooked with onions, cumin, mustard seeds & fresh coriander.

  Aaloo Gobi    $13.50

Potatoes & cauliflower florets cooked with exotic spices, ginger & fresh coriander.

  Aaloo Mattar    $13.50

Potatoes & peas cooked together in a spiced onion and tomato gravy.

  Dhal Makhani          $14.50

Black lentils cooked overnight on a slow fire with fresh herbs & ginger.

  Bhindi Masala    $14.50

Indian okra pieces cooked with onion & spices.

  Chana Masala    $14.50

Whole chickpeas cooked in onion and tomato gravy, with chef’s special ground spices.

  Vegetable Jalfrezi  $14.50

Mixed vegetables cooked with onions in tomato gravy.

  Saag Aaloo    $14.50

Potatoes cooked in a lightly spiced spinach puree.

  Butter Veges  $15.00

Veges cooked in a mild creamy tomato sauce.

  Navrattan Korma      $15.00

Mixed vegetables cooked in cashew nut paste and cream gravy.

  Malai Kofta  $15.00

Lightly spiced mashed potatoes & home-made cottage cheese balls, deep fried & served in rich creamy gravy.

  Butter Mushroom      $15.00

Mushroom cooked in a creamy tomato sauce

  Mattar Mushroom  $15.00

Mushrooms & peas cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with touch of garlic.

  Paneer Makhani (Butter Paneer)    $15.00

Home-made cottage cheese marinated and seared in tandoor oven cooked in spiced onion capsicum and tomato gravy.

  Paneer Saagwala  $15.00

Pureed spinach creamed & cooked with home-made cottage cheese cubes, onions & tomatoes.

  Paneer Tikka Masala  $15.00

Home-made cottage cheese marinated and seared in tandoor oven, cooked in spiced onion, capsicum and tomato gravy.


  Kadai Paneer      $15.00

home-made cottage cheese marinated with spices & cooked with thick onion cashewnut tomato gravy with capsicum flavour

Kohinoor Specials


  • Paneer Bhurji      $17.50

Cumin seed with fried chopped onion, tomato & cottage cheese & indian spices.

  Kohinoor Butter Paneer  $17.50

Cottage cheese cooked in a mild creamy tomato sauce with indian touch.

  Kohinoor Mattar Methi Malai    $16.50

Cumin seed with fried chopped onin, tomato, fenugreek & green peas final touch with cream.

  Kohinoor Special Butter Chicken     $18.00

Bone pieces of chicken, marinated, and cooked in a mild creamy tomato sauce with Indian touch.

  Goat Curry – Kohinoor Specials  $17.50

  Samundri Khazana – Kohinoor Special  $25.00

A feast for seafood lovers – scallops, baby octopus, calamari & prawns cooked in a thick tomato & coconut gravy.


Naan Breads


  • Tandoori Roti  $3

Whole wheat buttered bread

  Plain Naan  $3.00

Plain flour handmade flat bread layered with butter.

  Butter Naan – Kohinoor Specialty  $4.00

Plain flour handmade flat bread layered with butter.

  Cheese Naan  $4.00

Naan stuffed with NZ cheddar cheese & spices.

  Cheese and Garlic Naan    $5.00

Naan stuffed with NZ cheddar cheese & spices.

  Peshawari Naan    $5.00

Naan filled with spices homemade cottage cheese.

  Keema Naan  $5.00

Naan filled with spiced lamb mince.

  Paneer Kulcha  $5.00

Naan stuffed with spiced homemade cottage cheese.

  Onion Kulcha    $4.50

Naan stuffed with lightly spiced onions.

  Lachha Paratha  $4.00

Whole meal flaky bread.

  Stuffed Parantha – Aaloo / Paneer    $4.50

Whole meal flaky bread stuffed with choice of one stuffing.



  Kashmiri Pulao    $12.00

Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables and garnished with fruit and nuts.

  Vegetable Biryani    $15.00

Steamed basmati rice and vegetables cooked with rich flavour.

  Biryani Chicken / Lamb       $16.00

  Prawn Biryani  $18.00

  Extra Rice    $3.00



  • Sweet Mango Chutney    $3.00

  Mixed Pickles    $3.00

  Poppadums    $3.00

  Mint Chutney    $3.00

  Tamrind Chutney      $3.00

  Kachumber Salad      $3.00

  Raita  $3.00

  Circa Onion  $3.00


  • Mango Kulfi    $5.00

Home made Indian ice cream with aromatic spices and mango flavour.

  Mango Lassi    $4.50

Yogurt smoothie prepared with Indian mango – very yummy.

  Gulab Jamun – (Popular Indian Sweet Dish)     $4.00

Deep fried home-made cottage cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup with cardamom seed and rosewater.


 Soft Drink Can    $3.00

  Soft Drink 1.5 L      $6.00